A Precision CNC Machining Company
AS9100:2009, Rev. C, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Nichols Precision

A Precision CNC Machining Company
AS9100:2009, Rev. C, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Our Company

From our inception in 1997, Nichols Precision has focused on providing machined parts requiring supreme precision, on time deliveries and at a reasonable price. We are focused on and motivated by our customers and by our commitments to our employees.
With a combined experience of 200+ years in all facets of the metalworking industry, Nichols Precision brings a balanced, conservative and all-encompassing perspective to metalworking projects simple and complex.
This wealth of experience of our team members ensures that we are best placed to deliver products requiring the most stringent of specification requirements needed for critical applications within the aerospace, medical or industrial markets.

We at Nichols Precision perform through our simple love of the machining business and producing quality parts that add value and performance to the customer’s components or systems. From a quick “turn-around” solution to those projects requiring more complex machining and management oversight and direction, Nichols Precision embraces the long-term scenario as opposed to the short-term gain.

From manual machines to fully automated CNC mills and lathes, we are committed to providing machined tool solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether your project requires small quantities for proof of concept or larger production runs, Nichols Precision should be on your source list.

At a Glance

Nichols Precision is a precision CNC mill and lathe machining company, manufacturing world-class aerospace, defense, medical and industrial machine-tooled parts since 1996.

  • 15 CNC Lathes, 6 CNC Mills, Wire EDM, Swiss machine plus support equipment
  • Accuracy +/- .0001 and EDM drilling to +/- .002 tolerances
  • Three and four-axis capabilities
  • Quick response from proposals to final product delivery
  • Producer of mission-critical space shuttle and other aerospace applications
  • Strategic alliances with outside processors to ensure best schedules and pricing
  • Quality assurance program confirms to AS9100:2009, Rev. C, ISO 9001:2008.
  • 12,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Registered Small Business, Viet Nam Vet, Minority Owned

Proudly Manufactured in the USA


  • Space Industry
    Space shuttle subsystems
    Solid rocket booster jettison components
    Mars mission land rover components
  • Aircraft
    Landing Gear Components
    Harrier jet emergency landing gear deployment systems components
    Ejection seat components for the F-16 Falcon fighter
    Cluster munitions disbursement components
  • DOD Applications
    Javelin missile launch safety pin release components
    US Army antenna components
    Hellfire missile components
  • Medical
    Medical production component applications
    Injection mold products for the medical industry
  • Industrial
    Components for timing devices for the oil drilling industry applications
  • Other Industries
    We can machine any precision part for all types of commercial industries

When you’re making precision parts
the devil is in the details.

Valley manufacturing company creates program to draw teens (read more...)

 – In the age of high-definition video games, social media, and cellphones, the high demand for manufacturing workers in Phoenix due to the city’s industry increase over the last 16 months.

This week, middle schoolers from the Balsz Elementary School District are learning that manufacturing can be fun.

“We don’t have enough people to turn the crank… that’s a shortage that’s been around for years and it’s escalating right now,” Dante Fierros said. “There’s over six million jobs that aren’t being filled in manufacturing.”

The City of Phoenix and one manufacturing company behind it all says the academy is an excellent opportunity for hands-on learning.

“This is really addressing the problem at the grassroots, talking to students who will eventually go onto high school or community college to learn a skill and open their eyes to the potentials of other avenues in employment,” Fierros said.

Students say they actually learned a lot from putting down the cellphones and using tools, including robots and manufacturing products was actually “fun.”

“I didn’t know I was really good with doing stuff with my hands,” Briseida Mayagoitia said. “I usually just do stuff with computers, but now that I’ve tried this stuff, I realized I can really do stuff with my hands.”

This kind of early exposure, teachers say, helps to guide students towards being the future of the manufacturing industry.

Download or view our AS2016-2018 Certification here. AS2016-2018.pdf
Download or view our ISO2016-2018 Certification here. ISO2016-2018.pdf

Our Capabilities

We are a Machine Shop for high precision work. We specialize in CNC Machining of close tolerance components. The following is a partial list of services:

• Precision to within +/- .0001
• Precision CNC Milling with 3 and 4 axis capabilities
• Precision Lathes with milling capabilities
• EDM drilling to within +/- .002
• Wire EDM

Our commitment to ultra-precision work focuses our attention to maximum work envelopes of 50” x 20” on our mills and 8” dia. on our lathes.

Quality Assurance

Nichols Precision employs a start to finish quality control system to control all aspects of our operational procedures. Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2008 AS9100C. These standards impact calibration, purchase order review, inspection procedures, in process, receiving, and final inspection.

At Nichols Precision we focus on exceeding customer expectations by continually reviewing and updating quality methods and procedures to stay abreast of the demanding changes in the machining industry. Our extensive Quality Assurance equipment list delineates parts that comply with all current world-class standards and documentation. A partial list of key equipment includes the following:

• Optical Comparators with “Quadra-check”, digital readouts and fiber optic capabilities.
• Mitutoyo CMM
• Profilometers
• Various sized surface plates
• Master gauge blocks, concentricity gauges and other equipment to include typical gauges, indicators, micrometers, gauge block sets, dial bores, deltronic gauge pins and cadillac gauges etc

Our top-notch, clean facility, our extensive list of appropriate equipment and a Quality Assurance Manager with over 30 years quality assurance related experience allows Nichols Precision to produce the highest quality products that meet stringent requirements for multiple applications.

Production & Programming

Our large 12,000 square foot facility is a model of efficiency with an attention to cleanliness and detail. With over 36,000 square foot to use for growth, the possibilities for added volume are tremendous. Nichols Precision possesses 21 top of the line CNC mills, lathes, and Wire EDM plus many manual machines and equipment to include such names as:

• Okuma
• Tsugami
• Mitsubishi
• Daewoo
• Hardinge
• Matsuura
• Fadal
• Romi
• Yang
• Haas

From program set-up to deburr and inspection, our production team is driven to exceed quality standards and deliver premium products on time every time.

To supplement our state-of-the-art equipment, we use GIBBS CAM and ESPRIT programming software. With the use of GIBBS CAM and ESPRIT, set-up times for all lathe and milling operations are reduced significantly.

Our GIBBS CAM and ESPRIT programming software also include advanced milling and mill/turn enhancements.

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